DIY Gown Preservation Tips

Brides often ask us, “How do we keep the gown after the wedding?” Well, here’s some easy DIY tips for you.

Step 1: Have your wedding gown professionally dry-cleaned right after the wedding. Point out any stains to your dry cleaner (typically, there will be makeup stains or dirt stains at the bottom of the train). We like using for our gowns.

Step 2: Place the cleaned gown in a clean cardboard box which is lined with acid-free, white tissue paper. Do not use colored tissue paper as the color may fade and stain your gown.

Step 3: If the gown has embellishments, wrap that section with acid-free, white tissue paper to prevent the beads from scratching or snagging the fabric.

Boxing your wedding gown is the best choice for long-term storage and preservation, rather than hanging it in the garment bag or plastic sheet. Once boxed, place it in an area away from sunlight. The less light that can reach the dress while it is stored the better as this will prevent the gown from turning yellow.

These are very simple steps that you can do to ensure the cleanliness and maintain the look and quality of your gown for years to come, so hesitate no longer. Send that gown to the dry cleaners now!