“Time is of the essence”

Recently, we have had some brides coming in with less than 3 months to their wedding date! As seen on everyone’s favourite wedding reality TV series, Say Yes To The Dress, it might not be such a good idea to leave your dress shopping to the end.

As a recommended time line, we would suggest starting at least 8 months before your wedding date (or pre-wedding photo shoot). Not every bride can find THE dress on their very first visit to a wedding boutique. Even if they do (and we have had brides come back and purchase the VERY first dress they ever tried on), more often than not, brides will want to shop around first to make sure that they have picked the best dress for their big day.

When you have decided on your dress, we will place the order for a new gown in your size from the designer. Only then will production on a dress start and designers can take anywhere between 3-5 months to make your dress. Once finished, the dress will be shipped over and then, it will be time for your fitting sessions. Depending on the number of sessions needed and how busy the seamstresses are, alterations can take 4-6 weeks to be completed. So bearing these timelines in mind, don’t wait till the end to start your gown search! You might end up having to settle on a sample gown (i.e. off the rack) that you may not necessarily love but is the only one available in your size or is the next best alternative.

The Prelude’s TIP of the day: Don’t look for too long and try on too many as you will end up confusing yourself. It only takes the joy and fun out of wedding gown shopping. Speaking from personal experience, visiting 3-4 boutiques should be enough to find a gown that you love and is perfect for your big day.