Bridal Beauty — Cellular Power Infusion by La Prairie

It’s one month to your big day. Everything is starting to fall into place. You’ve gone for your first gown fitting. You’re finalizing your seating plan. Decor and floral arrangements have been settled. You’ve gone for your food and cake tasting.

But there’s another major item that should not be left off the check list — beauty preparation for your big day! If you don’t have good skin, what good will the makeup do even by the best make up gurus in Singapore. So how do you ensure that your skin will look absolutely fabulous? A perfectly balanced, clear and glowing complexion.

Enter La Prairie’s Cellular Power Infusion treatment. It’s described as a revolutionary anti-aging breakthrough but it promises to reenergize your skin into looking and feeling re-born; smoother, dewier, tighter, more luminous. Sounds perfect for a pre-wedding beauty prep to me!

The Cellular Power Infusion treatment is a skin booster that is meant to be used alongside your regular skincare regime. Each treatment lasts for 28 to 40 days (to apply religiously in the morning and at night) to coincide with the skin’s natural renewal cycle. The treatment consists of 4 vials tucked nicely in its own white leatherette case. Each vial lasts for between 7 to 10 days.

It is necessary to go through one complete cycle (4 bottles) of skin renewal initially to balance the energy level, the cellular quality and tissue quality. Then it is meant to be used intermittently, one month out of three, along with your regular skincare regimen – no matter how simple or comprehensive it may be. Considering each treatment pack retails for USD475, it might be rather painful on the pocket to indulge in this treatment once every three months. But I think it’s perfectly justifiable as a pre-wedding gift to yourself!

I won’t go into details about the ingredients contained in this miracle serum. You can read about it here:

The active ingredients must be “freshly combined” for optimal performance. Activate each vial by twisting the bottom cap of the vial and watch as a colored liquid is released to form a brilliant lilac serum. Once activated, it will be “fresh” for 7 to 10 days of use.

I have tired, dull skin that is prone to breakouts and clogged pores. So although my wedding was 6 months ago (wow time flies!), I decided to give this treatment a shot. I started off a skeptic. There have been many a time when I’m bought over by the description of a product but the effects are almost zilch. This serum goes on smoothly and is absorbed fully without leaving any residue. It feel slightly sticky (but not greasy) initially but this disappears after a few minutes. Sometimes i put a second layer. I love the fragrance as well. I applied my usual moisturizer and eye cream (a must at my age now) and went off to bed. Effortless! So far, I’ve only used one vial (and it lasted for 9 days despite me slathering it on morning and night). But I’m seeing the improvements which would explain why I’m willing to write this post even before completing all four vials. My skin is definitely smoother, less sensitive, less dehydrated and there’s a glow to it! Can’t wait to see the results of the full treatment! The only down side is the use of the dropper dispenser which makes it hard to reach the serum sitting at the bottom of the vial once you hit Day 8.

So brides-to-be, consider pampering your skin before your big day with La Prairie’s Cellular Power Infusion!

*Disclaimer: The effects of this product may differ for each individual depending on their skin type and it is not possible to guarantee that each individual’s skin will react positively after using the product. But I will say that the reviews that I’ve seen for this product are very positive!

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